we feel proud in representing world renowned textile chemicals companies in this market from the last fourteen years, from pretreatment
to finishing and particularly in special finishes like,
water repellant both durable and non durable
flame retardants, having applieation by exaust, padding and add on weight by knives
Anti pilling enzymes
Anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti dust mites
wrinkle free(easy care) finishes
Low/zero formaldehyde fixers
Soil release / anti static
Hydrophillic softeners
. Desizer
. Wetting agent & stain release
. Detergent
. Hydrogen Peroxide stabilizer
. Sequestering agent
. Levelling agent
. Dispersing agent
. Washing agent
. PH stabilizer
. Fixing agent etc

. Softeners
. Micro Emulsion
. Macro Emulsion(Elastomers)

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